Wednesday, June 14, 2006


A student from West Catholic High School in Philadelphia was attacked on her way home from school by a woman whose daughter had been expelled for fighting last December, and by the woman's friends. In response to the rumor that an attack was planned, police were on hand when the students were dismissed, but nothing happened on school grounds. The women had moved some distance away from the school and were waiting in a car until the students walked into their presence, then they came out of the car and attacked.

The freshman was pummeled and kicked when she fell to the ground, Ahern said.

When the other students tried to come to her aid, they were also caught up in a flurry of fists.

A videotape of the attack was posted on the Internet yesterday and broadcast on local TV stations.

Now, police and school officials are trying to track down the volatile perpetrators to figure what prompted their attack.

"These weren't kids attacking kids. This was a carload of women waiting to ambush," Ahern said.

Our culture is coming unglued when women physically attack young teenage girls. This is not a report about disruption in a civilized society. This is a report of barbarians out of control.

Read the whole story here.

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