Wednesday, June 07, 2006


has taken Benedict to task yet again for the document on homosexuals in the seminary, and they haven't pulled their punches this time. Two short quotes sum it up:

With the document on homos in the seminaries, which you can read just about any way you want, Benedict has validated a "dictatorship of relativism."


Dare we say it? This is not the Pope we need at this time. The NOR had expected so much more.

Nuff said, but if you want a little more...

Commenting on the first 12 months of Benedict's papacy, John L. Allen Jr., the Vatican Correspondent for the liberal National Catholic Reporter, says: "No theologian has been publicly censured,...there is no discernable drift towards radically conservative figures either in the bishops' appointments or the Roman Curia, and there has been no earthquake in either liturgy or doctrine. We even had the unanticipated spectacle on Sept. 24 of a friendly four-hour reunion between Benedict XVI and the enfant terrible of the Catholic left, Swiss theologian Hans Kung....When Benedict went to Bari, Italy, for a Eucharistic Congress, he did not lament liturgical abuses....When he went to Cologne, he did not scold German dissidents...." Allen paints Benedict as a "cautious consultative and moderate figure," a "consensus" figure (NCRonline, March 31)

God's rotweiler has become God's pussy cat. Are we absolutely sure this is the same man who used to head up the CDF? One could almost believe there has been a Sr.-Lucy-like switch. Reminiscent of another older cardinal who became Pope for a few years and reincarnated into the keeper of the windows.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

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