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Over the years since AOL went to flat rate and I began posting comments in Catholic venues, I have frequently been mocked and ridiculed for believing in conspiracies. Well, it would seem, according to recent stories in the news, that I haven't been wrong. There have been conspiracies, or a single large conspiracy.

Take a story posted at LifeSite about priests who spied for the Communists. There you can read:

Historian, Marek Lasota, an official with the INR has written a study, "Spying on Wojtyla," and said that priests were targeted by the communists "from their seminary days onwards" including such "personal weaknesses" as sexual liaisons, alcoholism or "love of good living" for blackmail purposes. Lasota confirmed that the KGB planned and led all efforts to "eliminate" the Polish Pope - including the assassination attempt in 1981 - from 1978 up to 1989, the year communism collapsed in Poland.

Other former Soviet Bloc countries have reported similar revelations about Catholic clergy collaborators. In 2005, Hungary's Catholic Church admitted that "at least dozens" of clerics spied for the dreaded Hungarian communists.

In the west since the fall of the Soviet state, evidence has come forward of extensive ties between US Catholics and the Soviets in the 1940's and '50's. The so-called "Venona Papers" were declassified in 1995 and showed that Stalinist era agents were working closely with members of the legal US Communist Party.

The story is confirmed at Radio Polonia, and it would appear from this account that a cover-up is either underway in Poland or in the process of being foiled. It's hard to tell which:

Father Tadeusz Isakowicz-Zaleski, a popular former Solidarity chaplain, intended to present the results of his private investigation at a press conference in Krakow but shortly before that his superiors ordered him to abandon his plan arguing that it would discredit the Catholic Church and harm innocent priests.

Oh yes, where have we heard that before? In America it was the chanceries. In Poland the government would seem to be behind the cover-up:

Soon after post communists took over the power in Poland. Robert Strybel says that they too made sure that the vetting process did not get off the ground.

“Their ranks were the most littered with all kinds of people with shady backgrounds, the secret police and communist party apparatchiks. And obviously that period was not good. And time went on. It became more difficult, more things were lost, things were destroyed. I think it was the sin of negligence”.

The LifeSite article mentions Bella Dodd:

Dr. Alice von Hildebrand, philosophy professor and widow of the renowned philosopher and anti-Nazi activist, Dietrich von Hildebrand, has said that Americans are "naïve" to think that Soviet agents, whose intention was to undermine the then-powerful political influence of the Catholic Church, would have passed over the Catholic seminaries.

Von Hildebrand cites the voluminous Senate committee testimony of former Communist Party organizer and high Party official, Bella Dodd who revealed that the Catholic priesthood in the US and other western countries had been heavily infiltrated by communist agents whose mission it was, she said, "to destroy the Catholic Church from within." Dodd predicted changes in the Church that would be so drastic that "you will not recognize the Catholic Church."

Dr. von Hildebrand recalled in an interview with Latin Mass magazine in 2001, "Bella Dodd told my husband and me that when she was an active Party member, she had dealt with no fewer than four cardinals within the Vatican 'who were working for us'."

Dodd's book exposes a real-life conspiracy of major proportions. You can read it online for yourself.

In Chapter five she talks about the strife between groups seeking control.

I did not then understand why intelligent adults should struggle so hard to control an organization which in numbers was small and insignificant. I was dumfounded to find the names of distinguished professors such as John Dewey and George Counts involved in the controversy.

Intelligent adults struggling for control. Does that describe St. Blogs? Without a doubt it describes the entire history of the Paris occult revival which is still with us today in the form of chaos magicians such as those who follow Lovecraft.

Dodd writes about the labeling of people so as to make them an object that can be targeted:

The communist publicists carefully took for their own the pleasant word of Loyalist and called all who opposed them "Franco-Fascists." This was a literary coup which confused many men and women. Violent communist literature repeatedly lumped all of the Church hierarchy on the side of the "Fascists," and, using this technique, they sought to destroy the Church by attacking its priests. This was not a new tactic. I had seen it used in our own country over and over again. When Communists organized Catholic workers, Irish and Polish and Italian, in labor unions they always drove a wedge between lay Catholics and the priests, by flattering the laity and attacking the priests.

Is it happening here in America now? Is a wedge being driven between the laity and the clergy? Those who oppose the Church often tote out the word "freedom" and apply it to the particular brand of anarchy they are proposing. Dodd saw this as well:

During the Spanish War the Communist Party was able to use some of the best talent of the country against the Catholic Church by repeating ancient appeals to prejudice and by insinuating that the Church was indifferent to the poor and was against those who wanted only to be free.

The bishops who disrupted worship and promoted various heresies while covering up pedophiles were invariably promoters of the social gospel. The poor--the poor--the poor. That's all we heard from Bishop Pilla for as long as I can remember.

Dodd even implicates the United Nations and describes her part in it:

When the Yalta conference had ended, the Communists prepared to support the United Nations Charter which was to be adopted at the San Francisco conference to be held in May and June, 1945. For this I organized a corps of speakers and we took to the street corners and held open-air meetings in the millinery and clothing sections of New York where thousands of people congregate at the lunch hour. We spoke of the need for world unity and in support of the Yalta decisions.

Today Gorbachev is still rounding the globe promoting world peace and unity--especially world religious unity, and a lot of Americans are lapping it up, thinking they are being World Servers. Dodd writes:

Late in 1945 word had come from Jessica Smith, wife of John Abt, who was in Moscow, that it was important that American women be organized into an international movement, ostensibly for peace. An international federation was to be established with Russian and French Party women as leaders.

A better description of chaos magick can't be found than this passage from Dodd:

The Party proposed to develop the national aspirations of the Negro people so they would rise up and establish themselves as a nation with the right to secede from the United States. It was a theory not for the benefit of the Negroes but to spur strife, and to use the American Negro in the world communist propaganda campaign to win over the colored people of the world. Ultimately the Communists proposed to use them as instruments in the revolution to come in the United States.

Dodd started out a communist working for the party to help undermine the Church, but she came to see through the fraud and ultimately became Catholic. As she writes:

He knew that a nominal Christian with a memory of the Cross can easily be twisted to the purposes of evil by men who masquerade as saviors. I thought how communist leaders achieve their greatest strength and cleverest snare when they use the will to goodness of their members. They stir the emotions with phrases which are only a blurred picture of eternal truths.

In my rejection of the wisdom and truth which the Church has preserved, and which she has used to establish the harmony and order set forth by Christ, I had set myself adrift on an uncharted sea with no compass. I and others like me grasped with relief the fake certitude offered by the materialists and accepted this program which had been made even more attractive because they appealed for "sacrifice for our brothers." Meaningless and empty I learned are such phrases as "the brotherhood of man" unless they have the solid foundation of belief in God's Fatherhood.

Dodd was able to make that discovery because there was still a Church to rescue her. When the Communist implants in the Roman Catholic Church in America are finished with Her, will we be as fortunate?

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

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