Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Over at Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth you can see a Chaos Rosary complete with a chaosphere in place of a crucifix. It can have as few as one and as many as eight decades.

On the chaosphere one makes the sign of aether, matter, power, self-love, and infinity in place of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. The object is to begin by centering and balancing, and there are other formulas which can be used as well, including one written by Aleister Crowley.

On the large bead one prays to "Oh Great Chaos" and to "Oh Great Reigning Mother and Father of All" and to "Oh Great Formless Fire."

On the small beads one is to "recite the following: XIQUAL UDINBAK, which means roughly 'manifest chaos'".

At MySpace where kids hang out, TOPY has a spot of its own; so if you find a strange looking rosary in your kid's bedroom, don't assume there's nothing wrong with it.

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