Saturday, May 06, 2006


Edoardo Russo claims to have talked with Msgr. Corrado Balducci who denies everything that is being claimed about his endorsement of E.T.s.

There is also a rebuttal at the website from Richard Boylan, PhD who relies heavily on Balducci to authenticate his claim that Star Kids exist. You've read about them before in this blog. James F. Twyman and the Edgar Cayce people call them Indigo Children. You can read Balducci's supposed statement in an article by Paula Peterson, a supposed experiencer, who describes Boylan's Star Kids for Earthcode International Network. There is a picture of Balducci with his hand on Boylan's shoulder in the website.

Is this yet another example of chaos magick of the Dan Brown sort? Whether it is or not, it does seem to be Dr. Richard Boylan's meal ticket. He had set up a school for Star Kids, and he recommends everyone be on the lookout for them. In reading his description of them I found myself thinking about my own kid and whether she would fit the description. The concept is seductive. What parent wouldn't want to have a Star Kid? Especially what parent of a problem child... This is a guaranteed money maker, and a lot of parents are going to get sucked in.

With enough Priory of Sion and Star Kids fabrications floating around, it's going to become difficult to know what to believe.

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