Saturday, May 13, 2006


The Greek Orthodox have created a website devoted to the debunking of TDVC which contains several essays on various topics associated with the Code.

I thought this one was very good--"The Christ Code: Sermon on the Myrrhbearing Women Sunday" by Rev. Dr. Dumitru Macaila. He contrasts the Code connection to Christ through Mary Magdalene's child with the real connection that is available for each and every human being who seeks Him.

That connection to Christ, spoken of in the sermon, is so important. We must first know Him, and then move on to living the faith as the Church teaches us to do through the sanctifying grace that Jesus won for us on Calvary. Without relationship with Christ, we have no hope of overcoming sin and finding the freedom that overcoming it provides. The social gospel as a substitute for relationship with Christ is so pathetically lacking in substance. And the occult gospel that takes power for the purpose of accomplishing our own will will lead to hell every time.

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