Wednesday, May 24, 2006


We have seen what Dan Brown's myth did for Christianity. Brown proposed goddess worship in the form of Mary Magdalene. Another goddess myth is about to hit the bookstores. Enter Nikki Persley.

Brooklyn, NY (OPENPRESS) May 21, 2006 -- Was there a time when you had trouble believing in yourself and your abilities? If you found the inspiration to rise above those feelings of insecurity in your inherent female strengths, enter the National Earthbound Goddess Day contest and proclaim, "I am an Earthbound Goddess!" Sponsored by Brooklyn author Nikki Persley, the contest awards prizes for the best (90 words maximum) response to “How I rediscovered my inner goddess and learned to value myself.” All entries will be posted on the author’s website, where visitors will be able to vote for their favorite response.

"I’m looking for answers that touch on how the goddess legacy lives on within every woman,” said Persley, author of "Serpent of Eternity" and creator of the holiday and the contest. “National Earthbound Goddess Day is based on themes in my new urban fantasy novel. What better way to launch a book about a woman whose only hope of survival rests on her ability to believe in herself than by sharing the self-confidence building experiences of real life women.”

To read the rest of the press release, go here.

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