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Yes. From the website:

Rinpoche is one of the teachers of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and many other high Lamas. Rinpoche has been giving teachings around the world in many countries included: Australia, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, Italy, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, and the United States.


Yes. From the website:

The following text is the transcribed and translated excerpt of the above interview with His Eminent Gaden-Tripa, Lobsang Nyima on Lam-rim.

The Lam-rim (gradual or the graded path or the steps of the path) has been taught by the Lord Buddha at great length both in his Discourses and in his Tantra. In his 84,000 textual volumes of the Discourses or the 84,000 heaps of Dharma teachings includes every teaching on the stages of spiritual path except Tantric teachings that he taught separately. ...

It is, therefore, the great compassionate Bodhisatva’s of Tibet at that time decided to invite some Pandits from India who could give some instructions that would be of special benefit to keep the teachings of the Buddha in the world.


Yes. From the website:

What is the main purpose of the Basic Program?
It is to mainly to encourage “old” students to engage in a deep and systematic study of the teachings of Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism, however it also provides new students the chance to get an excellent in-depth overview of the entire path to enlightenment. In addition, it will serve the purpose of providing qualified teachers, both lay and ordained, of sutra and tantra for the FPMT centers.

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