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George Stallings is not the only member of the joint "consecration" at St. Stan's who has a colorful past. Peter Paul Brennan's various ordinations and consecrations are identified at this website. The website belongs to Thomas J. Boyle, Attorney for the Federal Trade Commission and Georgetown graduate.

According to Boyle, Brennan has been

- ordained a priest for the Old Roman Catholic Church in North America by one of their bishops

- ordained a priest for the African Orthodox Church

- consecrated a bishop for the African Orthodox Church at Our Lady Queen of Heaven Church in Long Island

- consecrated a bishop for the African Orthodox Church at Sacred Heart Chapel in Brooklyn

- consecrated a bishop for the Ecumenical Catholic Diocese of the Americas at Holy Angels Chapel in Glendale, Calif.

- consecrated a bishop for the Iglesia Ortodoxa Catolica Apostolica Mexicana in Los Angeles

All of these ordinations and consecrations took place before the one at St. Stan's.

He has consecrated seven bishops.


Patrick E. Trujillo, also consecrated by Milingo at St. Stan's, took part in a dialogue at the Clifton Jewish Center with Rabbi Ari Korenblit. The discussion topic was "Intermarried/Interfaith Couples Married to Someone of the Jewish Faith and Their Families".


Married Priests Now! held a convocation at which Peter Paul Brennan, Archbishop Stallings, and Archbishop Milingo were all on the program. There was another familiar name on the program as well--Dr. Leonard Swidler, founder of the Association for the Rights of Catholics in the Church, among other things.

At this convocation

After lunch, Archbishop Milingo gave a spirited response to the letter of Cardinal Re which threatened him with suspension for continued work with Married Priests Now! Archbishop Milingo said that he is and remains a Roman Catholic archbishop and will always be, but that he will continue to work with married priests because the church has treated them so badly that they need to experience some Christian love and experience. If the institutional church fails to do it, he in good conscience must extend the hand and embrace of love to the married priests.

The Independent Catholic Apostolic Church of Brazil, which claims 5,000 married priests, was represented at the convocation by a former Capuchin priest.

A Eucharistic Celebration of Healing was held to "offer healing from the injuries caused by the institutional brutality of the Church". It was recommended that each priest should keep the blessed sacrament reserved in his family home chapel. Dr. Chang Shik Yang and Rev. Phillip Schanker "told the story of Maria Sung Milingo's encounter with the Vatican."

Archbishop Patrick Trujillo, another of the St. Stan's four, gave a keynote talk.


A press statement in support of Milingo and Married Priests Now! is signed by the St. Stan's four. There we are given a taste of the opinions expressed by Married Priests Now!

Excommunication is a tool to do evil and to inflict pain. It has no place in civilized society and especially none in the community of the Church of Jesus Christ. An excommunication caused the Great Schism between the East and the West and you still have not learned its perfidious uselessness. You think you are doing the Orthodox a favor by calling them “Our Separated Brethren,” but the words are an oxymoron and ridicule each other. The word “excommunication” ought to be cancelled from ecclesial language. Excommunication shows the weakness of the church and its inability to solve problems. Dear Brothers, put Jesus and his Gospel before canon law and its excommunications.

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