Friday, June 06, 2008


Saint Louis Catholic reports:

It seems that the discovery of Fr. Bozek's latest move-- the courting of Moonie-married Emmanuel Milingo and hosting of a priestly ordination at St. Stan's by a Milingo-affiliated Bishop-- has been a strategic blunder. He is now on the razor's edge of continued employment at St. Stan's.

St. Louis Catholic has learned that the Board of Directors of the St. Stanislaus Corporation held a special meeting on Sunday at 3pm, and that the vote to oust Bozek was deadlocked three-to-three. The three directors voting to fire Bozek: Rozanski, Zabielski, and Krauze; the three directors voting to retain: Bialczak, Rudawski, and Baras.

It seems the Board was responding in part to a communication by former Board advisor Roger Krasnicki, who wrote an email to the three Bozek holdouts calling for an end to this fiasco in the wake of the Milingo courtship. Just as earlier this year, Bozek obtained a copy of that communication and disseminated it to his followers with the request that its contents be disseminated widely.

Go over to the website to read the email and the rest of the story.

Thanks to Susanna for the heads up.

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