Monday, May 26, 2008


The article is a year old, but the questions it asks are no less pertinent today.

From the National Catholic Register:

“There seems to be a growing trend in Catholic retreat houses to offer courses in yoga and Zen meditation,” Father Kedjierski says. “I have even seen the brochures of some Catholic retreat houses and when I looked at the activities offered I have wondered if the facility even is Catholic because there are no courses on the saints, on the Catholic spiritual tradition, nor catechesis, but there are plenty of offerings about Zen Buddhism, yoga, and meditation.

“Have we chosen to abandon the richness of our own faith tradition for another? Have we sufficiently altered the ideas inherent in Zen and yoga about a total abandonment to all attachments and concepts that Christ and the truths of the faith can find a place in them? If the answer is No, then very clearly this is doing damage to the Catholic faith.”

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