Thursday, May 31, 2007


All of you have nice pious reasons for staying in the Church. They sound good until I reflect that so long as we who believe in Christ stay in the Church we are facilitating the corruption, and as such bear a burden of responsibility.

Do you think this Church would remain in its state of rot if those of us who still believe walked out and refused to walk back in until it had been cleaned up? It wouldn't remain because the money would disappear, and with it the corrupters. Then there would be some hope for a turnaround.

But no. We stay and pray and obey. We drop our dollars into the collection basket, and the weasels within use those dollars to further their own agenda. They count our heads and tell the bishop how successful they are. The bishop reflects on the numbers and concludes he can continue to do what he is doing.

We who stay are as rotten as those who defy Christ and abuse little kids. We are rotten because we allow it to happen. We are rotten because we contribute to it. We are rotten because no matter how much evidence we have that our own particular favorite priest fails to follow Christ, we still champion him and "Yes Father" him right and left.

No wonder the Church is corrupt. We are a body of enablers. We don't deserve anything but what we've got, and we besmirch the face of Christ by our very presence in this corrupted Church.

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